Late entry in Verden with the youngsters

21. November 2019

After a short break for our team, this Thursday we went again with the young horses to the Niedersachenhalle in Verden.

Amelie and the 4-year-old "Dizzy Mizz Lizzy" secured a loop in the A ** class  (1.15m). In M *- class (1,30) for the young horses she introduced the 6 year old "Que beau" and the 7 year old "Filou B" to the start. After two nice rounds she won with "Que beau" in this class and ranked with "Filou B" 5th.

Hans-Jörn started with the 5 year old "Cenzo Cendo" in two competitions of category A **. The two secured 2nd place and won the second class, after a top performance. 

After this day we'll travel home satisfied and are especially looking forward to the future development of these young horses!


Ruller Indoors

16. Oktober 2019

After a short competition break our team went to the first indoor show, which took place in Rulle.

Amelie and "Que beau" (Quick Star x Quidam de Revel) finished 5th in a M * (1.30m) class. "Nadal", which was introduced by Hans-Jörn (Numero Uno x Aranka Wittestein) also achieved a S ** (1,45m) placemen.

We are quite satisfied with the start of the indoor season.


Wallau Classics

27. August 2019

In the beautiful Hessen last weekend a small tournament took place in Wallau, with ideal conditions.

Amelie took nice laps with "Lili Marlene" and "Filou B" in M* (1.30m) and M** (1.35m) classes. With her "Quintus" the couple had an annoying mistake for the first two days, but on Sunday they were able to catch the 3rd place in the Grand Prix of Wallau Classics in a S ** (1.45m) class after an exciting jump-off. Our 9-year-old "Quintus" has been showing great results with Amelie for weeks, which makes us especially happy!


Championship of Nienburg 2019

18. August 2019

Our team was at the championship of Nienburg for great tournament days as a guest.

Hans-Jörn finished 2nd in the M ** (1.35m) class with "Carlsson von Schweden" and a win loop in this class the following day.

Amelie placed tweo times with 7-year-old mare "Lili Malene" in the M​​* (1.30m) class, as well as with "Filou B" in a 1,30m class for young horses. With "Quintus" she won a S ** (1.45m) class and scored a 4th place with him on the next day of the tournament, also in a S ** class.

Satisfied, we make our way home. Next week, our team will go to the tournament in Wallau!


Nice rounds in Elmlohe

06. August 2019

The Elmloher Reitertage takes place annually, which is one of the most popular tournaments for our team.

On Friday, the 4-year-old "Dizzy Mizz Lizzy" placed fourth with Amelie and "Peacy" and "C'Assisi" also had nice rounds. In the small tour (1.30m) Amelie introduced "Filou B" and "Lili Malene", where she finished third and seventh. On Friday afternoon she went with "Quintus" at the big tour (1.45m). After a sovereign clear round, the pair secured the 6th place. In the evening, the Amazons S** was under floodlights. Here, too, Amelie and "Quintus" made a brisk round, giving the pair a 2nd place finish. Otti's student Lea, with her mare "Chyla K", achieved 4th place in the Regional Tour (1.30m).

On Saturday, Lea went into the regional tour again with "Chyla K", which put the pair in fifth place after a great clear round. Saturday night was one of the highlights of the Elmloher Reitertage: the jump over the wall. "Quintus" and Amelie made it over 1.90m, placing them in 6th place.

Sunday morning Louisa won the M ** (1.35m) Regional Tour with "Vol de Nuit".

After a long tournament, Team Ottens finished the top tournament in Elmlohe. We are happy with the last weekend and are looking forward to the next year!

Photo: Amelie and Quintus at the jump over the wall

Source: Tessa Pfeil (Facebook: Tessa Pfeil Photography)

Ingolstadt & Neu-Anspach

Victorious weekends for Elisa

22. Juli 2019

Otti's trainee Elisa recorded excellent results over the last two weekends.

In Ingolstadt she was with her "Baccaratzz" 3rd in M​​** (1.35m) and 9th and 3rd in S* (1.40m) class. The chestnut mare "Edonja G" was able to secure a place with Elisa in the S * and S ** (1.45m) classes.

One week later Elisa traveled with Hans-Jörn to Neu-Anspach, where the Hessian Championships took place. Here Elisa took with "Calimero" his first placement in the S* class and won with him a M ** class. Also with "Connor" she scored another S* class victory. Elisa's top mare "Edonja" was also in great shape this weekend. They secured a 4th place in the S* class, a S ** placement and as a highlight of the already successful weekend, these two won another S** class.

Once again their training together had a positive effect on the start of the young Amazon. Our team is very pleased and congratulates Elisa one more time on these many successes in such a short time!


Amelies first S*** Placements

02. Juli 2019

Last weekend we went to the big horse show in Isernhagen. Hans-Jörn and "Carlsson of Sweden" did a nice clear round, which allowed them to finish 5th in the M ** (1.35m) class.

Highlight for our team was the top-lasting performance of Amelie and the Quaid son "Quintus". These two placed in the S ** (1.45m) still in 8th place, and could take the first time twice in a S *** (1.50m) class a loop home.

Photo: Amelie with Quintus


Good Placements in Küps

24. Juni 2019

For the e first time we went at the tournament in Küps, an event with great conditions. Amelie placed with "Filou B" in the M* (1.30m) and secured with "Quintus" placements in the S* (1.40m) and S ** (1.45m). On Sunday, these two finished in S*** (1.50 m) the demanding Grand Prix of Küps with only one fault in the circulation.

Hans-Jörn presented "Galligan Girl" in M* classes, where the mare also ran nice rounds. With "Carlsson of Sweden" he scored on Friday in S * (1.40 m) a flawless round. The pair also secured a place in the jump-off of the S* class on Sunday. After a fast jump-off, it would have been enough of time for the victory, unfortunately fell a pole. Despite that, these two were still placed.

Trainee Elisa also secured with her horses in M​​*, M** and S* good placements. With her "Edonja" she also made a strong round in the Grand Prix on Sunday, but also here an annoying mistake in circulation.

Our team is very satisfied with the results achieved and the performance of the horses, even if we were a bit unlucky at one or another point this weekend. We are looking forward for the next show.


Winning days in Geestenseth

10. Juni 2019

Our team started last weekend at the Pfingsturnier in Geestenseth.

Friday the 5 y/o "C'Assisi" (Casall x Cassini) achieved the 4th place in the 1.15m and the 5th place in the 1,25m young horses class. The 6 y/o "Que beau" (Quick Star x Quidam de Revel) was able to score the third place in the 1.25m and 1.30m class for young horses. The 7 y/o "Filou B" (photo top right) as well as the 7 y/o "Galligan Girl" also ran nice zero laps in 1.30m class for young horses.

On Saturday Hans-Jörn won with the 8 y/o "Carlsson of Sweden" (Cardento x Chin Chin) the S* class (1.40m) and Amelie placed with the 9 y/o "Quintus" (Quaid x Werther) still in 5th place (photo bottom right).

Sunday, Louisa placed third in the M** (1.35m) class. Hans-Jörn and "Carlsson of Sweden" kept their top form and won again in the S * class, with more than 4 seconds lead in the jump-off.

Hans-Jörn's trainee Lea Wischnewski (photo above left) also collected some ribbons this weekend. With her "Chyla K" she placed twice in 5th place in M ​​* (1.30m) and 6th place in L (1.25m) class and finished with her second mare "Never Forget" yet another M * placement.

After three successful tournament days, Louisa and Hans-Jörn made it to the podium of the district championships, which have taken place in Geestenseth. Hans-Jörn became "district champion of the riders" with "Carlsson von Schweden" and Louisa rankes second in the overall ranking with "Vol de Nuit H" (photo below left) in "district champion of the young riders".

A successful tournament is over and Stall Ottens wishes a nice Pentecost!

LONGINES PfingstTurnier Wiesbaden

First S-Victory for Elisa

10. Juni 2019

At the beautiful LONGINES tournament Wiesbaden, Ottis trainee Elisa Held could win with her chestnut mare "Edonja G" for the first time a S* class (1,40m). The pair has been able to collect some great placements in S** and S*** (1,45/1,50m) classes in the past, but this weekend finally a well deserved victory in the S * happened.

We congratulate Elisa once again and are happy about the outstanding performance of horse and rider!

Reiterhof Rhön, Detter

Show at RSG Detter-Weißenbach

27. Mai 2019

In the last few days we were in beautiful Detter in Bayern at the Reiterhof Rhön guest. Here was a great tournament with ideal conditions.

Amelie and "Quintus" placed 3rd in the S* class (1.40m) and could place again in the two-phase S* class the following day.

The 6-year-old "Que beau" also ran great laps in M* (1.30m) and M** classes (1.35m), so that he once placed in a younghorse class with Amelie in 2nd place. "Filou B" also scored an M* class placement.

Elisa Held, trainee of Hans-Jörn, had a successful weekend. With her "Baccaratzz" she placed 5th in the M** and secured the 8th place in the S* class. With her top mare "Edonja G" she was placed every three laps, two of them in the S* class, as well as one in the Grand Prix of Detter in the S** class (1,45m). After a heavy jump-off and a large competitor field, the couple could once again achieve the 8th place.

After a long tournament break, Louisa and "Vol de Nuit" secured a 4th place in the M *.

Lea Wischnewski, also a trainee of Hans-Jörn, placed 5th with her "Never Forget" in the M ** and won a L class (1,20m) with her other mare "Chyla K".

Hans-Jörn is completely satisfied with the performance of his recruits and our team really enjoyed the days on the beautiful show grounds!

Bremen Oberneuland - Reitanlage Forkert

Double victory with the youngsters

13. Mai 2019

Last weekend, Amelie presented the young horses at the Bremen Oberneuland show.

The 6-year-old "Que beau" (pictured) and the 5-year-old "C'Assisi" completed a harmonious zero fault round. Both horses were thus able to score the respective divisions in the show with a grade of 8,6 and 8,5 L (1.20m) to win.

With such an exciting show backdrop, our team is particularly pleased that the horses we have presented have done so well.

Ganderkesee Bergedorf-PLS

Amelie and Quintus placed in the 1,40 m class with Derby requirements

05. Mai 2019

The 9 year old "Quintus" (Quaid x Werther) completed with Amelie a S* (1,40m) class, with special requirements. The 1.40m jumping had obstacles, which are also seen at the Hamburger Derby. The fences didn't fall, but Amelie and "Quintus" received an annoying time fault. Nevertheless, they finished in this extraordinary jumping still the 5th place!


Sudheimer Outdoors 2019

29. April 2019

Our Team Ottens went last weekend to the Sudheimer-Hof in Brakel.

"Que beau" showed, as so often, his top form when he jumped every class clear in his categories 1,30m and in the 1,35m class. Thus, Amelie and "Que beau" placed each round at the top. The 7-year-old "Filou B" (Fairbanks x Espri) went for his first time at such a big tournament and was also placed in the 1,30m.

Hans-Jörn also achieved two great results with "Gotha". The two won the 1.35m class of the Youngster Tour and scored Sunday 5th in the final of the Youngsters in two-phase 1.40m class.


great days at Late Entry in Elmlohe

28. März 2019

For the first time a Laty Entry took place in Elmlohe. This Event was for team Ottens the ideal opportunity to start with the horses into the outdoor season.

In class A * (1,10m), "C'Assisi" (Casall x Cassini I) got 2nd and 5th. Hans-Jörn presented "Marabou" (Messenger x Escudo I), which placed 4th in his first show.

"Galligan Girl" (Grey Top x Rabino) finished a sovereign zero lap in class L (1,20m) for young horses and was placed 2nd, too. In her first fault / time class L, the 7-year-old mare was also able to record an zero lap.

Also "Que beau" shone with excellent rounds, thus confirming his top expected start-up result. The 6-year-old son of the Quick Star placed 3rd in the class L and in the class M for young horses.

"Gotha", "Chicago" and "Quintus" started in the M * / M ** (1,30 / 1,35m) classes. All three horses jumped a relaxed round of training, which they finished all without any faults and with a subsequent placement.

After two long show days, Hans-Jörn and Amelie are particularly satisfied with the performance of the young horses, for which the show season just has started.

Gut Neuhaus Indoors, Grevenbroich

successful weekend at the Gut Neuhaus Indoors

18. März 2019

The entire team of Sportpferde Ottens had a victorious weekend at the Gut Neuhaus Indoors, which took place at the Tillmann family in Grevenbroich.

"Que beau" was placed in all M * classes (1,30m) and finished 6th in his first M ** (1,35m). Furthermore, Amelie and "Chicago" could compete once in the S * (1.40m) a placement. With "Quintus" Amelie won the jump over the wall with a height of 2.10m and these two were also placed in the S *.

Hans-Jörn started this weekend for the first time with "Gotha". These two got all rounds clear, placed in each M * / M ** and even managed to win the Youngster S * on Sunday.

Also the student of Hans-Jörn, Elisa Held (photo bottom left), achieved excellent results with all her horses this weekend. With her 7-year-old "Calimero" she was placed M *, with "Connor" and "Edonja" S * placed. Elisa also won a M ** show with "Baccaratzz".

Elisa had with "Edonja" in the Grand Prix of Grevenbroich, where the couple achieved 5th place in the S ** (1.45m) after an exciting jump-off. Coach Hans-Jörn is also particularly proud of this strong performance, because "Edonja" previously went before under his saddle and already had top results there. All the more the whole team is happy that the previous training has paid off this weekend!

Gut Neuhaus Indoors, Grevenbroich

not only amelie is in a great shape

17. März 2019

Even Hans-Jörn was able to win with the 8-year-old KWPN mare "Gotha" a victory at the Gut Neuhaus Indoors in Grevenboich. In the S * for 7 and 8 year old horses, Hans-Jörn and "Gotha" (Arezzo x Voltaire) were in the lead, but the mare has only recently been owned by Anke Ense and under the saddle of Ottens. A great start and a fantastic result for this new couple. We are looking forward to the coming time!

Gut Neuhaus Indoors, Grevenbroich

Amelie and " Quintus " jumped victorious over 2,10m!

15. März 2019


Amelie and Quintus won in Grevenbroich at Gut Neuhaus Indoors in the jump over the wall with a height of 2.10m! These two could hold their own top form against their strong competitor in a big starting field. Team Ottens is very proud and celebrates this remarkable victory!


"Que beau" Most successful horse 2018

14. März 2019

Our Quick Star x Quidam de Revel son "Que beau", which is born in 2013, became the most successful horse of his vintage in 2018. He is part of the breed of Carsten Wiedemann.

Que beau has been in the riding of Amelie sind the beginning of 2018 and is still successful presented by her at national such as international jumping cometitions.

Our team is very happy about his title of the most successful horse of his vintage and we are looking forward to the upcoming outdoor season 2019!


"Grey Chester" with amazing rounds in Arezzo

14. März 2019

Only since the beginning of March the 5-year-old Hanoverian stallion "Grey Chester" by Grey Top x Picard is in possession of the Elmgestüt Drei Eichen. 

At the three-week tournament series in the Italian Arezzo he convinced immediately, didn’t make any single jumping mistake in 8 laps and came along 8 golden loops back home.

The team of Sportpferde Ottens is congratulating!

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